[Multi-culture News] Spring comes: Best places to enjoy spring season in Gyeonggi-do

As of the 18th of April, the Korean government has completely lifted the social distancing measures that have been in place since the outbreak of COVID-19. Accordingly, tourists who want to fully enjoy the spring weather are looking for destinations for sightseeing. Joongbooilbo introduces spring flower festivals in Gyeonggi-do that families and lovers can visit together.


Yongin Everland ‘Tulip Garden’: until April 24

Yongin Everland runs the Tulip Festival until the 24th.

During the tulip festival, Everland welcomes the springtime visitors by decorating the 10,000 m² Four Seasons Garden with 1.3 million spring flowers of 100 types including tulips, daffodils, and Muscari.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Everland's tulip festival, and it plans to present colorful tulip contents through collaboration with young artists. Various character illustration works such as tiger cub, panda, Lenny, and Lara by artist Yislow.

Image=Gwangju Hwadam Forest
Image=Gwangju Hwadam Forest

Gwangju Hwadam Forest ‘Spring Daffodil Festival’: until April 30

Gwangju Hwadam Forest, which opened on the 18th of March, will hold the ‘Hwadam Forest Spring Daffodil Festival(화담숲 봄 수선화 축제)’ until the 30th of April, where you can enjoy colorful spring flowers.

Gwangju Hwadam Forest prepared a ‘Spring Stamp Tour’ event for visitors to find stamps by visiting the main theme parks in Hwadam Forest.

In addition, there is an ‘ecological forest commentary program’ where visitors and gardeners can walk through Hwadam Forest and learn about various plants.

Visitors can enjoy 100,000 colorful daffodils of 37 species in Hwadam Forest. Also, you can see various spring wildflowers such as cornflowers, plentiful plants, and bountiful flowers.

Image=Paju Byukchoji Garden
Image=Paju Byukchoji Garden

Paju Byukchoji Garden ‘One Million Spring Flower Festival’: until May 30

Paju Byukchoji Garden will hold the ‘One Million Spring Flower Festival’ until May 30.

Paju Byukchoji Garden is currently decorated with 6 themes, 27 Eastern-style and Western-style gardens, and 1,000 species of plants.

Hundreds of wildflowers such as tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and iris, which are representative spring flowers, are planted.

By Jiye Hong·Seyong Lee·Jihee Park


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