[Multi-culture News] The hot spots BTS's fans should visit in Gyeonggi-do

BTS, who won three awards including the grand prize at the American Music Awards(AMA) last year, is writing a new history of the pop music industry all over the world.

As much as the popularity of BTS, interest in the filming locations of the music videos and the places they visited is also growing. There are many places that have already become hot spots for domestic and foreign ARMYs(name of fan clubs).

In this article, three of the most popular places in Gyeonggi-do where appear in BTS music videos will be introduced.


Dae Jang Geum Park in Yongin

Dae Jang Geum Park in Yongin, where Suga's 'Daechwita' music video was filmed, is the most popular place for 'Bangtan Tour' which refers to the title of the trip that ARMY follow the places BTS visit before.

Dae Jang Geum Park is a theme park decorated by reproducing the streets and houses of each period from the Three Kingdoms Period to the Joseon Dynasty.

Suga's 'Daechwita' is a song made by sampling Daechwita, traditional music used for royal marches and military marches in the Joseon Dynasty. It is said that the realistically reproduced palaces and streets of the Joseon Dynasty in the music video raised the level of perfection of the song.


Yangju ‘Iryeong Station’

Iryeong Station, which is located in Jangheung-myeon, Yangju, gained popularity by appearing in the music video for the song 'Spring Day' released by BTS in 2017. Recently, a survey was conducted with BTS fans, 'Where would you most like

The music video for ‘Spring Day’, produced with the concept of a train trip, starts with a scene where V waits for a train on a platform with ‘Iryeong’ written on it.

While waiting for the train, V puts his ear to the snow-covered railroad tracks and hears the train coming. It fits well with the song's title as it moves as if waiting for a train to come running with spring.


Yangpyeong Seohuri Forest

Yangpyeong Seohuri Forest, where BTS took a photo of the 2019 season's greeting calendar, is so-called 'Bangtan Forest' and is one of the hottest places that ARMY want to visit most

There is a walking trail where you can feel nature as it is on 330,000㎡. Several types of trees form a colony and you can enjoy the change of seasons by watching the difference in the color of leaves on the trees.

The BTS photoshoot locations are framed on the easel in various places so the tourists are able to know easily where BTS members took their photos.

By Jiye Hong·Seyong Lee


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