[Multi-culture News] Consumers no longer buy or use disposable plastic bags from the 24th of November

The Blanket Ban on The Use of Disposable Bags System at Convenience Stores will come into effect from the 24th of next month.

According to the Ministry of Environment's announcement, from November 24, disposable plastic bags cannot be sold at small retail stores such as convenience stores.

Image=Yean Kyung Shin
Image=Yean Kyung Shin

Currently, only large stores over 3,000㎡ and supermarkets over 165㎡ are prohibited from using plastic bags and providing them free of charge. However, from next month, convenience stores larger than 33㎡ will no longer be able to sell or offer disposable plastic bags to customers.

Consumers must purchase paper bags or standard plastic garbage bags to store their items.

If it is found that disposable bags are sold or provided free of charge, the owner will be fined up to 3 million won.

by Seyong Lee·Yean Kyung Shin


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